Arbitrator · Mediator · Attorney

Every dispute is unique and different. The mediation process is an individualized event. I work with the parties to build a process that will offer them the opportunity to make informed decisions about their dispute and resolve it in terms right for them.

It is my practice to speak with counsel and their respective clients before the mediation session in pre-mediation meetings. This provides an opportunity for you and your clients to meet me and share information about the dispute.  Prior to these meetings I request background information about the dispute. This information can be in the form of pleadings, correspondence, or a mediation memorandum. Because one of the objectives of mediation is to resolve the dispute without unnecessary expense a mediation memorandum may not be necessary. To the extent a complaint and answer have been filed and disclosures exchanged they may be sufficient. Since I will be meeting with you and your clients prior to the mediation any information that you wish to provide can be augmented at that time. It has been my experience that where a matter is already in litigation requesting mediation memorandum tends to increase costs with limited benefit to the parties or the process. During the pre-mediation meetings I discuss the mediation process so that the parties can better understand what will happen at the mediation session itself.  I find that having these meetings tends to reduce the level of anxiety on the day of the mediation session that often occurs with people unfamiliar with the process.  

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